Three Questions

There’s a tale of a traveling priest who was confronted by a soldier in pre-revolutionary Russia. Rifle in hand, the soldier barked, “Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there?”
Instead of answering, the priest asked how much the soldier was paid – and offered double if the soldier would challenge him with those three questions each day as he passed by.
Those three important questions can guide us on our journey through the brand-new year ahead. For Christians, thankfully, the answers are clear:
-Who are you? “I’m a child of God!”
-Where are you going? “I’m going out into the world!”
-Why are you going there? “I’m going out of love for Jesus, who died for me!”
Place these questions and answers in a spot where you can see them each day. Then go forward confidently, knowing “whose” you are and what your purpose is.